Completely free, fast proxy server software, Large number of the proxy server for automatically selected (For Member)
  • Completely free proxy server. with a shared IP address others can access the Internet through it.
  • Supports proxy servers cascade, can through foreign Internet proxy server.
  • Members can automatically get a lot of foreign proxy server IP address, background network 24-hour monitoring to ensure the proxy servers is effective.
  • High-speed access to 15G gmail, a lot of foreign friends at facebook, XXX videos, news, and more outside.
  • Allowing out of china users to see Sohu, Tudou, Tencent video.
  • When browsing the web, hide your IP address online.
  • Brush vote, click on the Rankings then change your IP address.
  • One click to set/restore IE's proxy server IP address setting.
  • For signed up members, you can get a lot of incentives to promote the purchase of software for loser level users of you.
  • Pure green, no installation, ensure no viruses, no plug-ins.
If you require some new ability that is not already implemented, please let us know.

A large number of the proxy server IP address for you
We update the proxy list every 10 minutes to keep the free proxies fresh. need more? Click on the proxy server list.

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uuProxyAuto, Access to sites that have been banned by a particular authority!
A proxy server can be considered to be a middle man that connects your computer and the internet. Proxy servers are also known for allowing people access to sites that have been banned by a particular authority. Proxy servers are the way to go for people who value privacy protection. They allow you to remain more hidden than you would be if you were using a normal server.
Using a proxy would certainly help you protect your safety and anonymity.
There are tons of lists on the internet, also be aware of the fact that there are some proxy servers that can be joined into chains taking you from one proxy to another. The chain of proxy can mask your address completely and increase your anonymity, but it would severely reduce the speed of your Internet.

No need to install, pure green software, does not contain any adware, ensure clean and virus-free. You can download it immediately!