Completely free, fast proxy server software, Large number of the proxy server for automatically selected (For Member)
Automatic Mode
1, For the automatic mode you need an account and password.
If you do not have an account, please register an account now.
When register an account then can get a month's software life.
You can but software life with points. Points will be given while login and stay for 10 minutes. If you clicked the ads that you interest in it will also get points (wait a few days for update). You can also use the cash to purchase software lifetime directly.

2, Set the area of proxy server for special sites
If you are using a proxy server in China will not visit google.com or facebook.com normally, so you need set United States or others region proxy server for this sites.
When access Chinese video site like tv.sohu.com, youku.com or others, then you need set China region proxy server for this sites.

3, The web site and the proxy server
When you visited the site, the proxy server IP address be used will appear here. You may need to use a different IP address to access the same site (ratings, comments, etc.), then you can click [change Proxy!}. But after changing the IP address, for some sites you may need to clear your browser's Cookie.

Manual Mode
When the manual mode, you need to input a proxy server IP address and port.
You can also save or remove the proxy server IPs.